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About Chem Shop

ChemShop is a platform used by SMMEs supported by the Chemistry Incubator to sell their products. These products are locally manufactured by these SMMEs. Our range of products includes natural cosmetics, hair care products as well as chemical detergents (including disinfectants and sanitisers) for both domestic and industrial use.

All our cosmetics are natural and are born out of desperation by these SMMEs. Most had skin problems and  could not get the right products that worked for their skin. They individually embarked on a research journey, looking at oils and plants that they could mix together to come up with a good natural product that works.

The same goes with the natural African hair products that are also manufactured by SMMEs.

Having first-hand experience at not being able to find all natural skin and hair care brands as well as locally produced household cleaning detergents, our aim is to bring them to you.

Our focus is on great customer service as well as bringing in as many products, from local brands to your home.

We were also instrumental in manufacturing the ChemShop range of products in South Africa  and are proud to be the first official stockist in the country-  since June 2020.

Payment method offered is the Payfast system.

Authenticity guaranteed! Our store only carries original, tested and authentic products locally manufactured.

If there is an item that you can’t seem to find, let us know and we will try our best to source it!

Happy shopping!